Live From #swbtr: Pitch Night!


Everybody’s working hard to finalize their pitches. Here’s a rundown of who’s pitching tonight:

Team Truck-a-Duck

They’re building a food truck tracker app.

Lawyer Books

This application will used by attorneys, especially solo practitioners, to keep track of client funds that must go into Trust Accounts. Attorneys will be able deposit and withdraw money into their IOLTA account without having to worry about if they are following the Louisiana Disciplinary Board’s rules on handling client funds. A full reporting would be available for the LADB if need because we will track each transaction, whether it is deposits, withdrawals for expenses, or withdrawals tied to time entries.

Select Concierge

A printed book with an LCD screen that hotels give to each guest. The videos featured in the books show the top five to seven in the categories of Restaurants, Nightlife, Cultural Events, and Retail of the city.


Zipfic wants to deliver mobile short fiction to more readers for the in-between moments of today’s hectic lifestyles

Mobile Surge

This handy unobtrusive device will add functionality to your power chair without adding hassle to your day. The Mobile Surge allows you to tap in to a power reserve while you are out and about.


Poppins is a personal assistant who helps you evolve your routines until they are practically perfect in every way.

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