Live from #swbtr: What Makes A Perfect Startup Weekend Pitch


During the pitch portion of Startup Weekend, more than 20 interesting, innovative and diverse ideas were presented. The topics ranged from food truck locating to late-night grocery shopping to the biking community. And there was only one rule: you have 60 seconds.

Under trial by the fire, the fast-talking entrepreneur hopefuls discussed their passions, attempting to fit their vision into a single minute of spotlight. After the pitch, the participants held up the name of their proposed idea in hopes that others would be interested in joining their startup efforts.

The pitch process revealed that not only do you want to your idea to be heard, but you want to start building a business around your idea, and you want others to join you. With individuals naturally gravitating towards certain pitches, while avoiding others, the natural question is: what makes a perfect pitch?

Here are 3 insights from Startup Weekend about what makes a perfect pitch:

  • Isral Duke, director of Duke Branding, spoke of what attracted him to his food truck tracking team: “I liked the potential for the idea and that all of us could use pre-existing skills to get the ball rolling.”
  • William Eldredge, owner of AGN Solutions, decided to join a team working toward wheelchair technology development. When asked about his choice, he said, “It’s something you can realistically do. Massive concepts are hard to get solutions for in the space of a weekend. Here, you can have functional prototype by the end of it.”

  • An event organizer, Phillip Jackson, added that a potential investor is buying the person selling the idea just as much if not more than the idea itself. He said, “The judges are experienced, have made mistakes, and are all looking for different things. To that note, I watched a pitch from someone and one of the judges didn’t like the idea, but liked the guy because he was ‘scrappy’ and that kind of connection is what this is about.”

Above all, connection is the most important reason for Startup Weekend. It creates a designated space for graphic designers, coders, marketing experts, developers, and investors to come together and get the ball rolling on the road to Startup success.


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