3 Reasons to Sign Up for Baton Rouge Startup Weekend


You’ve seen the posters. You’ve seen the flyers. You might have even read about it in the news. But you might still be wondering why you should attend Baton Rouge Startup Weekend.

Here are three good reasons:

  • Join a movement. Startup Weekend take place all across the world, traveling from city to city stirring up innovation and ideas wherever it goes. This 54-hour weekend event brings designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, developers, product managers and all-around startup enthusiasts together to share ideas, strategize to solve real problems, build teams and then build products, all with the goal to launch a new and viable startup.
  • Get hands-on experience. Startup Weekend is all about getting you inside the creative process. You aren’t just learning by listening, but you are getting your hands dirty by taking part in the total creative building process, letting you ‘see for yourself’ by building strategy and testing as you go. The beauty of this process, is just that, the process. It takes you from start to finish, letting you learn first hand how to build and launch a successful, peer-reviewed startup.
  • Find networking opportunities. Startup Weekend is not just an event that brings people together for a few days and at the end of it, each participant leaving and going their own way. It is a place for people to come together, work together, innovate together, and build together. It builds on collective brainpower, with each person bringing their strengths and skills to enhance the creative process. It introduces you to the key players in your community who are interested and invested in taking part in a startup, connecting you with potential partners and co-creators.

Put your big idea to the test and register today!

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